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How to Handle Rejection of International Trademark Registration In Vietnam By The NOIP?

The procedure to register a trademark in Vietnam is carried out at the National Office of Intellectual Property of Vietnam (NOIP). The duration calculated from the full receipt of the dossier to the announcement is at least 12 months, or it can be expended from 16 months to 18 months.
However, in many cases, NOIP could send a notice on its intended refusal of the trademark application because of the following reasons:
  • There are grounds to affirm that the subject matter stated in the application does not fully satisfy the conditions for protection;
  • If there are more than one registration applied in the same time with full conditions to issue the protection title, but your application is not the first.

After receiving the refusal intention notice, applicants and all organizations and individuals have rights to reject the notice within 02 months, this duration can be extended one time, the extended time is 02 months.
If reasons in the notice are not correct and the applicant does not agree with the notice, within the given duration, the applicant could send written comment to NOIP, in which display the applicant’s comment, submit supplemental documents and proof to support.
After receiving the written comment, NOIP shall re-examine before issue the final decision.
The time limit for re-examination of applications is equal to two thirds of the time limit for examination; for complicated cases involving many circumstances which need to be verified or requiring expert opinions, that time limit may be prolonged but must not exceed the time limit for examination. Re – examination is only carried out one time.
However, in many cases, the applicant cannot display convincing arguments or reliable proofs, hat makes NOIP does not agree and keep their own intention to refuse issuing the protection titlet. Therefore, when receiving intention notice to refuse issuing protection titles, applicants should find legal advice from consultants who have experience in intellectual property.

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