Thứ Ba, 9 tháng 8, 2016

Copyright and related rights in Viet Nam

Copyright is violated on a regular basis in the music, publishing and software industries. 

The law firm of ANT Lawyers offers client in protecting and enforcing copyrights and similar intellectual property rights as following:
  • Enforce the copyright and related rights, including investigation, supervision, negotiation, mediation, lawsuit initiation to handle infringement in Vietnam and oversea.
  • Advise legal matters of copyright and related rights in Vietnam and abroad;
  • Conduct searches and provide information on copyright and related rights, advice measures to protect copyright and related rights in Vietnam and abroad;
  • Complete the applications and file to register copyright and related rights;
For advice and specific details in each case, please contact us directly at or call  +84 912 817 823. Visit our website: and let ANT Lawyers help your business in Vietnam

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