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Business owners being organizations and individuals responsible for launching cosmetic products on the market are only allowed to put into circulation when the competent state agencies approve and the business owners must bear full responsibility for the safety, efficiency and product quality. Competent state agencies will conduct post-trade test when the products are being sold to the market.

Cosmetics are substances or preparations used in contact with the external parts of the human body (skin, hair, nails, lips and external genital organs) or the teeth and oral mucosa with the main purpose is to clean, perfume, change appearances, form, adjust body odor, or protect body or to keep the body in good condition.  The following will provide conditions and list of cosmetic types subject to mandatory annoucement.
1. Conditions to apply:
– Organizations and individuals responsible for launching the product into circulation on the market must have function to doing cosmetics business in Vietnam
– The announcement of the features of cosmetic products (intended use of the product) must satisfy the ASEAN guidelines on disclosure features of cosmetic products
2. Kinds of cosmetic that have to announce the distribution of cosmetics:
Kinds of cosmetic products must disclose the circulation of cosmetic products:
– Cream, emulsion, lotion, gel and oil for skin (hand, face, feet)
– Face mask (with the exception of chemistry peeling products)
– Tinted (liquid, paste, powder)
– Makeup powder, after shower powder, toilet powder
– Bath soap, deodorant soap
– Perfume, toilet perfume
– Products for bath or shower (salt, foam, oil, gel)
– Hair removal products
– Deodorants and anti-perspirants
– Shaving products (cream, foam, lotion)
– The makeup and makeup remover products for face and eyes
– Products used for lips
– Products for take caring teeth and mouth
– Products for nail care and adorn
– The products used to clean the outside
– Sun cream products
– Products for tanning without sun
– Skin whitening products
– Anti-wrinkle products
– Other products
Some products which are not classified as cosmetics:
Anti-mosquito products, air freshener, fabric softener, bleach, toilet, oxygen liquid, antiseptic alcohol 700, alcohol 900, denture cleaning products that are not exposed to the oral cavity, fake eyelashes, liquids to take care of eyes/nose/ears, against nasal congestion product, anti-snoring products, vaginal lubrication gel, ultrasound gel, the product in contact with the genital, rectal enema, anesthesia , reduce/control the swelling/edema, dermatitis treatment, allergy relief, anti-fungal, anti-virus products, stimulate hair/eyelash growth, the product removed/reduced fat/ reduced body size, weight loss products, prevent/stop hair growth products, stop sweating process, permanent tattoo ink, remove keloid scars reduction products, wound cleaning products.
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