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Criminal Record Card in Vietnam

From: Ant lawyers

Criminal Record Cards provides criminal or judicial information about a person in Vietnam.  The  criminal record in Vietnam governs the process to obtain the criminal records cards.

Accordingly, to obtain the Criminal Record cards in Vietnam, the applicant must apply at the provincial/ municipal Justice Department in Vietnam.  For foreigners residing in Vietnam, he/she has to submit the request to the Department of Justice where he/she resides and receives the results at Justice Department.
Documents required are: i) the written application form; ii) certified photocopies of passports; iii) a copy of the permanent or temporary resident card in Vietnam; iv) authorization letter in case of authorized application for Criminal Record card (if the authorized persons are not the parents, spouse or children). The written authorization must be certified or authenticated in accordance with the law; v) application letter for granting Criminal Record.
During the process of applying for the Criminal Record, the applicant might has to work with the police agencies; the Court: in case there are not sufficient evidence at the police agencies to conclude that the applicant has no criminal records or the content of the applicant’s criminal records is not clear; People’s Committees of communes, wards and townships; agencies, organizations and agencies related proceedings: in case of coordination to verify the conditions of having his/her conviction automatically written off.
In practice, there are cases when the foreigner already left Vietnam and now he/she is in need of Criminal Record for the time he/she resided in Vietnam.  We have successfully assist clients in various cases.  If you have any inquiries, please contact us at or call us at office tel +848 35202779.

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